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Applying order to chaos through world-class technical systems design, installation, project management and maintenance since 2009.
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With roots in the world of screening rooms, recording studios, theatrical venues and post production suites, at Modern Life we distinguish ourselves by carrying this uncompromised standard wherever we go. Our considerable industry expertise is supplemented by a commitment to delivering not only the best solution, but a bespoke solution specifically designed to acommodate your needs.

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Serving all of your technology needs— full networking solutions, mobile device management, proactive remote support and much, much more.


Keep your internal clock on time with synchronized management of natural and electric light, through cohesive shading and circadian LED solutions—while the sun is setting outdoors, you will see and feel it indoors. Set the mood for the party, or make your gallery pieces pop with our color control options.


We’ve got your back, and will work either directly with you or your physical security team to provide surveillancecameras, alarm systems, door access controls, vehicle gate automation, intercom systems, remote video monitoring hardware, perimeter breach systems, safe rooms, priority dispatch and more. Our solutions are discrete and effective, with provisions for everyday solicitors and more serious threats.

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We engineer, design, build and maintain state-of-the-art screening rooms, post-production suites, recording studios, commercial properties and luxury estates, employing best wiring practices and the latest in AVoIP distribution technology. You make the popcorn, we’ll do the rest.

Audio & Video

We will work alongside your architect, general contractor and project management company as a technical consultant, ensuring best practices across the board to support your immediate and future technology needs. It’s what inside the walls that counts, and we will help your home to function as beautifully as it looks. Relieving a construction team of this responsibility reduces costly mistakes and can help to expedite a project.

Project Management
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Full networking solutions, media storage, backup servers, geo-fencing, mobile device management, remote support, and more. Your network is the foundation upon which every other technology system relies—build it right, and everything works.


Master your surroundings. From a centralized interface, we offer intuitive and robust custom control for virtuallyevery technology system imaginable, using Crestron and other premier automation technologies. Your whole environment can change with the touch of a button.


We provide a best practices installation of future-proofed wiring infrastructure to ensure consistent performance across the system, and that once the walls are up, they can stay that way for decades. Category cable, fiber optic, speaker wire, security and more, for new construction and retrofits.

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Reduce power consumption and utility expenses with energy management that can include real-time usage monitoring, intelligent breakers, device and appliance control, robust battery backup systems, off-hour power purchasing, solar harvesting and more. Depending on your usage, the right solution can pay for itself twice over.


Everything from servers to smartphones. Our technicians are certified in Mac OS X Server and Client, as well as Windows Server and Client.


Key differences

  • The Keys to the Kingdom Are Yours

    Above all else, we take pride in the superior level of education we offer to each customer. Comprehensive roadmaps, tutorials, and documentation of newly installed systems are all provided as part of our service, ensuring your systems are always performing at their very best.

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    Different Locations — The Same Intuitive User Experience

    Modern Life specializes in making dreams possible. We understand that, with installations using multiple locations, it is paramount that the systems work seamlessly from all locations while ensuring the interface looks and feels consistent across the board. Our in-depth knowledge of all technical systems, as well as our unparalleled level of expertise, allows us to deploy consolidated and streamlined installations.

  • It's all in the family.

    Central to our approach is the development of deep, reciprocal relationships with each of our clients. Our accessibility, transparency, and commitment to getting every detail just right is what makes our service-driven, referral-based business model possible. A completed system is only the beginning of our working relationship, as we enjoy supporting each of our client partners for the decades to come.

Seamless Integration Every Step of the Way

We provide a superior level of integration on every project we undertake, which is made possible through our in-house resources and dedication to serving our customers. Modern Life is an integrated company that gets the job done efficiently and expertly.

Seamless Integration Every Step of the Way

We provide a superior level of integration on every project we undertake, which is made possible through our in-house resources and dedication to serving our customers. Modern Life is an integrated company that gets the job done efficiently and expertly.

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